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Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

Air duct cleaning is sometimes a part of the HVAC maintenance and repair process or sometimes a separate service from a duct cleaning company. However, do you really need it? In other words, is duct cleaning a waste of money?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of calling an HVAC technician to clean your air ducts and vents thoroughly to help clear the dirt and debris from your AC and heating system’s ducts.

Whether or not duct cleaning is a waste of money depends on:

  • how often you receive preventative maintenance and duct cleanings
  • how prone your duct system is to collect amounts of dust, debris, and pests
  • the condition of your living environment, such as the amount of dust, pet fur, and other airborne debris that your ducts might be collecting

Is duct cleaning a waste of money for you? Read on to find out.

Advantages of Cleaning a Duct System

Duct cleaning from Sun Air Services in Tampa, FL, can significantly improve the performance of your heating and cooling system.  It can also improve your health. The many advantages of cleaning a duct system make it worthwhile to receive this regular maintenance service, especially if your duct system gets dirty very quickly. It can only be a waste of money if your system doesn't need frequent cleaning.

1. It Improves Air Quality

Cleaning your residential or commercial heating and cooling system's ducts and vents significantly improves air quality. It keeps you from experiencing respiratory issues because your HVAC system no longer pushes mold and harmful dust particles into your indoor environment. A duct cleaning company gets rid of dirt, debris from pests, and other contaminants in your ducts so you can breathe better.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you clean your ducts if you have “substantial and visible mold growth” inside your sheet metal ducts—or on other heating and cooling system components. The agency also recommends duct cleaning if you have vermin (rodents or insects) within your duct system. Both of these situations can cause health issues for those living in the home.

2. It Prevents Repairs Later

Clogs in your air filters and ducts from obstructive debris or a buildup of dust and grime can cause you to need repairs later. It's essential to take care of dirty ducts now to keep further repairs from being necessary. Significantly reduced airflow can lead to leaks in your HVAC system and a notable performance decrease, leaving your interior with stale air and a malfunctioning HVAC system.

3. It Reduces Indoor Odor

With pests, mold, pet fur and dander, or other contaminants in your air ducts, the air that circulates through the ducts make pick up some very unpleasant smells. A clean duct system will have fresh air with no foul odors to circulate through your HVAC system.

4. It Increases HVAC Performance

Performance increases when you no longer have blockages in your air filters, ducts, or vents, making your HVAC system considerably more efficient.

A clean air duct system can utilize its full potential to heat or cool your home, so you don't have to deal with smelly air that has a weak flow despite your AC unit running constantly and keep your utility bill high. Reduced energy bills and greater energy efficiency are also an indirect advantage of increasing your heating and cooling performance.

What Happens During a Duct Cleaning Appointment?

It’s helpful to know what will happen during your air duct cleaning appointment.

During a typical duct cleaning, a technician will inspect your air ducts and vents for biological matter and other harmful substances. They will also check for insect or rodent infestations—and anything else that might prevent air from flowing correctly through the ducts. Additionally, the inspection will include looking for leaks and structural damage to each duct that might be causing heating and cooling efficiency problems.

Professional duct cleanerss use vacuums and brushes to remove dust from the ducts. They also clean in and around air handling units, evaporator coils, fans, and other components of your air conditioning system.

Ideally, you should arrange for a thorough duct cleaning every three to seven years—or sooner if you have pets. Pet hairs are notorious for clogging your AC and furnace systems and causing them to overwork, often shutting them down. Of course, pet hairs in your ventilation system can also contribute to family allergies and lower your air quality.

Although duct cleaning is effective, if your duct cleaning service isn't thorough, you'll still be breathing in harmful airborne particulates.

Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning and More in Tampa

AC duct cleaning in Tampa, FL, doesn't have to be complicated or costly to be effective, especially if you call on Sun Air Services. Combining a periodic comprehensive duct cleaning with regular annual or semi-annual AC maintenance is the ideal solution to reduce energy bills from your air conditioning duct system while ensuring you are breathing in clean air.

Avoiding future mishaps with your air conditioning ducts will extend the life of your system to save you money in the long term as well.

Sun Air Services in Tampa, FL, leads the pack in honest and fair HVAC care. Is duct cleaning a waste of money for you? Find out now by calling our office to speak with an expert at 813-694-8989.


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