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What Are Some Common AC Repair Problems?

When the air conditioning isn't working in your home, it's a horror story. You’re sweltering, you’re sweating, you're suffering. The air is stagnant and hard to breathe. And then, you run out of ice! There are some common AC repair problems that are pretty easy to fix. That means there’s no reason for you to swelter on those hot days. Get the problem fixed and get to feeling cool again.

The Most Common AC Repair Problems

It can be a little scary when your air conditioning breaks down. After all, this is a complicated machine that typically takes up a large area in your home. The cold air moves through all kinds of ductwork in the walls and it's all extremely complex. However, your air conditioner usually breaks down to one of a few pretty common AC repair problems.

    • Low refrigerant. Sometimes called coolant, the refrigerant is a liquid that cycles through the air conditioner to cool the air. This refrigerant operates on a closed system. However, sometimes the lines may develop a leak that allows the refrigerant to get out. Replacing the refrigerant will fix the AC for only a very short period of time. The leak must also be repaired, or the liquid will simply drip out of the AC again.
    • Frozen coils. Have you been going through a heatwave? If the weather has been extremely hot and your AC has been running a lot, it's possible your evaporator coils are just too cold. They need a little bit of warm air circulating around them, which sounds strange but it's true. If the coils get too cold, they may get icy. This causes the air coming out of your AC system to be too warm. Stop running the AC completely for a little while and the coils may thaw out on their own.
    • Fan failure. Most AC systems are made with a fan that creates airflow within the system, or sometimes multiple fans. If one or more of the fans stop working, it's going to impede airflow through the system and coming out of your ducts.
    • Dirt. Simple dirt and debris inside the AC unit or on the outdoor unit can cause common AC repair problems. You may simply need to change your filter to get your AC working properly again. Sometimes, a good cleaning can solve all of your air conditioning problems.
    • Age. Most air conditioning units last for 10 to 15 years. If your unit is older than this, it may simply be too old. Multiple issues may be happening all at once due to worn out belts, old coolant lines, and other common AC repair problems resulting from simple old age. You may need to replace the entire unit if it's very old.

Get AC Repair Services

If you notice that your AC is no longer keeping your home cool, don't wait to call AC repair specialists. They can diagnose the problem and tell you what needs to be done to fix the issue. It's very likely that if your air conditioning system isn't working, it's due to one of the many common AC repair problems that most people experience. AC repair for these common issues won't be too costly or time-consuming, in most cases.

Look for companies and individuals specializing in air conditioning and heating, and seek out an AC repair service near you. Choose a company that's based close to your home. Some air conditioning repair companies may charge travel time, or may only service homes within a certain range of the business. Start by looking for local companies to make it as affordable and quick as possible to get your common AC repair problems fixed.

Once you locate a good company, don’t hesitate to call. Your AC may need nothing more than a simple cleaning or fan replacement. Don’t swelter when you can probably get cool again pretty easily!


    • Great people from installers to techs. I am a contractor and Had 2 new units put in my personal home and they saved me a lot of money in energy costs! Very respected and will always use them for my ac needs. Any questions that I had they were there to answer them. All around great services.
      -Jason Carpenter
    • Great company with great prices! John Conway came out and was very informative and personable. He talked me through all of my many questions and went over and above to get the job done. I will be recommending to all of my friends in need!
      -Brandi Gullion
    • The service tech arrived quickly, was friendly, and solved our A/C issues. He did not push and pressure for services like other companies have done in the past. I will be using them again for our future A/C needs.
      -Eric Leasure
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