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Save Money With Efficiently Operating Air Conditioning

Living in Tampa, air conditioning is important to have. Being able to keep your home cool ensures that it stays the relaxing oasis you want to come home to all of the time. However, that can become expensive if you don’t know how to maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Nearly 50% of the energy used in a home is due to heating and cooling. That’s a lot of energy use. Wouldn’t you love to know how to make your air conditioning run more efficiently so you can save money on energy costs? There are actually quite a few ways to get the most efficiency out of air conditioners.

Call for HVAC Services

Call an AC company to have your current unit inspected. AC repair specialists will be able to detect common AC repair problems that could be forcing it to run harder and work less. Ultimately, necessary repairs that go uncompleted could cause your energy bills to increase. Air conditioning repair services can fix problems with an HVAC system and improve the efficiency of your unit, cut energy costs, and ensure that it stays working properly.

Tampa Air Conditioning Companies Are There To Help

Schedule annual maintenance with a Tampa air conditioning company. The best time to do this is in the spring before temperatures start rising higher. AC techs will go over many points for your unit to make sure it stays in tip-top shape while continuing to operate at the expected levels of efficiency. Maintenance should be done annually. In order for your HVAC unit to last a long time, it needs preventative maintenance, tune-ups, and a lot of care so improved performance can be enjoyed. Overall, you will be avoiding breakdowns and performance problems that pop up unexpectedly.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit with a Tampa Air Conditioning Company

Do you know how much energy your home is using? How much energy your HVAC unit is using? Answering those questions can be tough without having a home energy audit. Specialists evaluate how well HVAC equipment cools your home so you are aware of the amount of energy used. They will recommend changes that help lower the use of energy so your carbon footprint is lowered, as well as your energy bills.

Save Money and Upgrade an Old HVAC System

A new HVAC system may seem like a big investment, and it is initially, but it is the best way to improve the comfort of your home, energy efficiency, and air quality. This is especially true when you replace an old system with one that is Energy Star approved. First, have your current HVAC system inspected by a top Tampa air conditioning company to see if it is time to replace it. They will let you know if it can be tuned up so it runs better with less energy or if it is time for an upgrade.

Utilize These Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of HVAC Units

Close doors and windows that allow cool air to escape. When you need to get more fresh air by airing out your home, turn off your HVAC system first--you don’t want to cool the neighborhood, just your home. However, more air can escape your home even when the doors or the windows aren’t open. Air can also escape around shut windows and under shut doors. Air leaks cause a great loss of energy and could make your unit run longer than it should. Address all leaks to stop this problem.

Is there a thermostat war within your home? Changing the temperatures constantly can result in on and off cycles more frequently and make your home uncomfortable. Use a thermostat that can be programmed so you can set it and forget it. A programmable thermostat lessens the demand for cooling and eases the load on your HVAC unit. This alone can save you up to 15% annually for energy bills, especially when you turn it back 10° to 15° for an average of 8 hours a day.


    • Great people from installers to techs. I am a contractor and Had 2 new units put in my personal home and they saved me a lot of money in energy costs! Very respected and will always use them for my ac needs. Any questions that I had they were there to answer them. All around great services.
      -Jason Carpenter
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      -Brandi Gullion
    • The service tech arrived quickly, was friendly, and solved our A/C issues. He did not push and pressure for services like other companies have done in the past. I will be using them again for our future A/C needs.
      -Eric Leasure
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