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Common Repair Problems on Why Heating is Not Working in Your Home

Are you curled beneath a blanket with chattering teeth, wondering why “heating is not working in my home”? Gas and electricity power most home heating systems, either from central heating, a heat pump, or a boiler. You don’t want to be stuck out in the cold if parts of these systems fail, especially when night temperatures dip into the 40s.

Sun Air Services is your local Tampa, FL, heating and cooling system repair expert. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below, give the professionals a call today.

Signs of a Problem with Your Furnace

Regular maintenance and inspections of your home’s heating system are the best ways to keep things running smoothly. Completing maintenance tasks and annual professional inspections can catch problems before your furnace breaks down completely. You also want to note any symptoms of your heater acting strangely, such as the following.

You’re Cold!

If you’re feeling chilly in your house, you may turn up the furnace’s temperature, only to notice it has not even reached the temperature you set previously.  

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

You walk by an air return and feel a cool breeze you weren’t expecting. Your furnace should be blowing warm air, but it’s not.

Higher Energy Bills

An unpleasant and costly surprise greets you when you open your electric or gas bill. Your furnace is working harder and longer to reach the temperature you need it to, and it costs you more and more.

Strange Noises

When your furnace kicks on, do you hear a clunking, clacking, clicking, or any other strange noise? These unusual sounds could be signs of a failing furnace.

Weird Smells

It’s not uncommon to notice a new smell when you turn your furnace on for the first time. If the offensive odor doesn’t go away after a few minutes, you may have an issue that requires repair.

If you’re living with any of these circumstances in your home, start running through this checklist to find out what the problem is. If you need help or poking around your furnace makes you uncomfortable, call Sun Air Services to figure out the cause of your “heat not working in my home” dilemma.

Common Reasons for Insufficient Heating in Your Home

When a professional heating repair contractor visits your home to address why your heating does not work, these are the most common repairs homeowners need to get heating back up and running.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty and clogged filters commonly cause heating problems with forced-air furnaces. You should replace your filters every 90 days or more frequently if you have allergy sufferers or pets in your home. Clean air filters keep dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens from entering your home through your HVAC system.

If your filter has too much buildup of these materials, air won’t flow freely through as it should. Try replacing your air filter to see if it helps the warm air start flowing through your Tampa home once again.

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat batteries could be dead, or the thermostat needs calibrating. Or maybe someone changed the settings when you weren’t looking! First, check the thermostat to make sure it’s set to “heat.” If the thermostat is set correctly, change the batteries. Even if there is still a little life left in the batteries, it may not be enough to power your thermostat fully.

Leaky Ductwork

Ductwork runs throughout your home to deliver warm or cool air. Any leaks along the system can prevent your home from getting as warm as you would like. You need to seal the leaky ductwork with duct tape or call a professional for repair or replacement.

Dirty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor in your home’s gas furnace helps ensure that dangerous gas is not flowing into your home. When it gets too dirty to work correctly, your furnace will not run.

Heating Is Not Working in My Home—Call in Professionals

Heating and climate control are integral parts of the year-round comfortability of your Florida abode. If something is amiss with your heating system, call the Tampa, Florida heating repair experts at Sun Air Services today at 813-684-9919.


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