Financing Options

Throughout Tampa and Riverview, FL, heating and cooling functionality is a must. Not having a working air conditioner during the summer is simply not an option. There are too many health risks as that summer heat starts to climb into the 90s for you to be unable to cool off your home. Sun Air Services understands the importance of being able to enjoy a comfortable home and is ready to provide you with the HVAC repair financing in Tampa, FL that you need in order to get your work finished.

Not all repairs, replacements, or installations time themselves as to when it is most financially beneficial for you to pay for them. Fortunately, the staff at our Tampa, FL HVAC company sympathizes with your situation and is willing and able to work with you to help you get the work you need performed without delay. Speak to us about our financing options to see how you can easily afford the Tampa, Fl, HVAC services you need.

One option available for financing your air conditioning repairs or AC replacement in Tampa is through Florida PACE Funding Agency. This program provides funding that is repaid through an assessment that is included on the annual property tax bill. The benefits of this program include approval that is not based on credit score, the program paying contractors, payments that can be stretched out for up to 30 years, and fixed interest rates.

Other available financing options include Conventional Financing with 0% finance options and Long-Term financing with interest and low minimum payments.

Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our helpful financing options when you are in need of HVAC work throughout the Tampa, Florida, area.