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How Often Should Dirty Coils on AC Be Cleaned?

Dirty coils on an AC unit can impact the efficiency of the air conditioner. You can protect your cooling system with regular maintenance, including AC coil cleaning. Generally, experts recommend that you clean dirty AC coils at least once a year.

You can set up air conditioning service in Tampa by contacting Sun Air Services. Their friendly contractors can clean your AC coils, check your refrigerant levels, and handle other maintenance tasks. Set up an appointment by calling (813) 694-8989.

Time Frame for AC Maintenance in Tampa

An HVAC professional may recommend that you schedule maintenance for your air handler unit once per year. During this maintenance visit, AC technicians can repair any damage and clean your AC coils. However, you do not have to stick to this yearly schedule if you notice dirty coils on your AC before that.

You can set up an appointment every six months or with even less time between maintenance visits. You may need twice-yearly service if you:

  • Live in a large city with a lot of air pollution
  • Have an older AC unit
  • Have an AC unit that runs for most of the day

During the summer in Tampa, your AC unit may run most of the day to keep up with the intense heat. In this situation, you may want to set up an appointment to ensure the AC unit remains in good condition.

Types of AC Unit Coils

Most AC units in Tampa contain two different kinds of coils, called evaporator coils and condenser coils. These coils play different roles in keeping your property cool.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils remove heat from your home. They also draw humidity out of the air in your property. You can find these coils in the inside section of your air conditioner.

Condenser Coils

You can find condenser coils in the outside unit of your air conditioning system. These coils contain refrigerant. The systems inside the coils change the refrigerant from liquid to gas and back again. This process allows the system to draw heat out of the air, cooling your home. You can get all your coils cleaned with air conditioning services by Sun Air Services.

Reasons to Schedule AC Coil Cleaning

Are you wondering why you should worry about dirty coils on your AC? Dirty coils can prevent your AC unit from working effectively, which can lead to hotter temperatures in your home and rising energy expenses.

Additionally, dirty AC coils may eventually lead to an air conditioner breakdown. For example, excess dirt buildup on the condenser coils may cause this portion of your air conditioner to freeze over. Once the coils freeze over, your air conditioner may stop producing cool air.

You can take steps to prevent a breakdown by scheduling routine maintenance for your AC unit.

How AC Coils Become Dirty

Many property owners wonder how their AC coils gather dust and debris. In many cases, these contaminants collect on the coils as a normal part of air conditioner operation. However, you may notice increased amounts of dust and dirt if you have a dirty filter.

Changing the filter in your AC system regularly can help you cut down on the dirt and dust that reaches your AC coils. Make sure that you use filters that fit your system properly to protect your AC unit further.

Additionally, debris may reach the coils on your outside unit if you allow weeds or plants to grow up around the unit. You can prevent this issue by keeping plants trimmed. Remove any grass clippings or dust you notice on the outside of the machine to keep the coils clean.

Taking these steps can help preserve the function of your AC unit between maintenance appointments.

Schedule AC Coil Cleaning in Tampa

Dirty coils on your AC may prevent your air conditioner from appropriately cooling your property. This issue can eventually lead to an AC breakdown. Regular AC maintenance is the best way to mitigate these issues. Learn how AC ducts are cleaned by contacting Sun Air Services at (813) 694-8989. Their AC maintenance technicians can set up your cleaning appointment immediately.


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