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Choosing the Best Central Air Conditioning Unit: 3 Myths to Ignore

The warm weather's approaching and your air conditioner's underperforming. You know you need to replace your unit, yet you're struggling to find the correct information to make an informed decision. How can you separate the facts from the myths to make a smart purchase?

In our article, we'll cover three common myths to avoid when choosing the best central air conditioning unit. Keep reading below to become equipped with the right facts, and you'll be ready to purchase a long-lasting unit for your home.

Myth #1: Larger Units Are Always Better

Oftentimes, homeowners believe that a bigger unit is always better. The misconception is that a bigger unit will provide cooler air and run more efficiently than a smaller-sized air conditioner.


The best central air conditioning unit will correlate with the size of your home. A house with more cubic feet will have more space that needs cooling, which requires a larger unit. 

For instance, a large room air conditioner that's used for a small space will switch from on to off. Over time, this constant pattern will wear out the unit altogether.

On the other hand, if an air conditioner is used for a larger space than intended, it will over-exert itself to cool the air. This will also result in a faster wear-out of the unit.

Myth #2: AC Units Can't Run Year-Round

Another one of the common air conditioning myths is that air conditioners can only run during the extreme summer heat. As a result, homeowners often switch their unit off for the remainder of the year, failing to use their air conditioner to its full extent.


Split air conditioning units offer a heating function to warm your home during the chillier months. This type of unit is ideal for homeowners who live in both cold and hot climates throughout the year.

Air conditioning units also contain a dehumidifier feature to combat muggy weather. This feature may include monsoon technology, which reduces overcooling.

Myth #3: Old Units Don't Require Upkeep 

It's a popular misconception that air conditioning units don't require any maintenance until they break down. Since it's expensive to replace old units, homeowners often let their current unit run its full lifespan with little to no upkeep. They'll also avoid maintenance if the air conditioner appears to be working fine, even if the unit is over ten years old.


Air conditioning filters should be cleaned every two months or so, regardless of how often it was used. The outdoor unit in its entirety requires cleaning on an annual basis depending on the area that you live in.

After you've taken the proper steps for maintenance, consider how old your air conditioner is. If your unit has reached the ten-year mark, we recommend replacing your older unit with a newer, more efficient model. In fact, a newer model may cost less to run based on its more advanced technology.

Choose the Best Central Air Conditioning Unit

To choose the best central air conditioning unit for your home, you'll need to debunk common myths and misconceptions. Determine the size of your home and select an air conditioner that will meet each of your requirements.

For assistance with your new unit, contact Sun Air Services. We've been providing AC repair, maintenance, and installation services in the Tampa Bay area for over thirty years. Check out our five-star reviews to see what our customers are saying today. 


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