Steps to Improve Air Quality in Your Home During Winter

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When the temperatures drop, opening your windows to circulate fresh air throughout your home may not be an option. So how can you keep your indoor air quality from diminishing during the winter months? Here are a few tips:

1. Clean your registers and vents: Use a flexible duster or the wand attachment on your vacuum to clean HVAC registers and vents and to cut down on the amount of dust that is circulating in your home.

2. Clean ceiling fan blades: Dusty fan blades can move additional dust through your home. Make sure they are clean before running the fan clockwise to circulate warm air throughout the room.

3. Have your ducts cleaned: Schedule a professional air duct cleaning in Tampa to reach deep into your ductwork to clear out the accumulation of dust and allergens.

4. Replace your filters: This is one of the easiest proactive steps you can take to ensure good air quality in your home. Make sure you are regularly changing your HVAC unit’s air filters.

Avoid winter allergies by taking steps to improve your home’s air quality. Visit for additional information and to contact us to schedule a professional air duct cleaning service.